Tin Plated Bus Bars

Tin-plated copper busbar helps upgrade design and provide the best quality for switchgears, switchboards, electrical panels, power transformers and busducts by

Extended Long-Life

Tin is a soft white metal which can readily be polished, scratch brushed or flowmelted to give a bright finish. It is non-toxic and is not greatly affected by the organic acids. Sulphur compounds do not readily tarnish tin. It is not attacked by either air or water, but reacts with hydrochloric acid to form stannous chloride. Tin is one of the less susceptible metals to corrosion attack. Tin-plated copper busbar protect against atmospheric corrosion and hence provide longer life under corrosive atmosphere.

Better Joint Efficiency

Tin coating applied to the contact surfaces to prevent or delay the attack of oxidation when operating at elevated temperatures or in a hostile environment is important, particularly in the long term usage.

Consistent Tin Coating

New India conducts a test for measuring thickness of tin coating by a computerized system which is recorded in our Test Certificate. Hence, our customers can be assured of the consistency of the tin.


Tin-plated copper busbars are manufactured as per International Standards such as JIS, DIN, BS and ASTM.

Process In-house tin-plating controlled by computerized system
The Purity of Coating Material Tin anode, 99.5% up
Coating Thickness 3, 5 or 10 microns and as per customer’s requirement upto 50 microns
Mill Test Certificate - Adhesion Test
- Tin Thickness Test